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Immunity Boost Spa Day Cotswolds
£ 260

Dedicated to enhancing holistic well-being, the Immunity Boost package combines complementary wellness practices to support mind and body’s natural defence systems. Allow the massage to improve circulation and reduce cortisol (the body’s main stress hormone), while the combination of a facial and Dermalux light therapy will positively contribute to skin condition and mood in tandem. Finishing with a studio class of your choice, designed to elicit the body’s intuitive relaxation response.

Includes: Choice of juice on arrival, 60 mins massage (De-stress or full body, 30 mins facial, 30 mins Light Therapy (Dermalux), 60 min Yoga/Breath work/Meditation class, lunch and B Clear organic infusion tea during the day.

  • At our Cotswolds location
  • For one person
  • 1x lunch included
  • Wet spa facilities not included, can be booked additionally when making your booking
  • Arrives in the form of a gift card, you will then need to contact our spa to make your booking

Please call or email the spa for more information and to make your booking. 01608 731703

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Bamford Wellness Facial Web Optimised


Will help to boost your immune system and improve circulation, increasing white blood cell activity. It can also reduce cortisol levels and ease pain.

Light Therapy

Will help to boost your positive brain chemicals that are linked to mood, sleep, rest and recovery. Dermalux also helps with skin condition, rejuvenation of the body, helps to balance and support recovery.

Breath work and Meditation

Help put the brakes on an acute stress response, and diverts health problems assosiated with chronic stress. Eliciting the body's relaxation response, and deep abdominal breathing helps reduce blood pressure.

Our Award Winning Wet Spa and Heat facilities can be added on to your package when you make your booking, for £50 per person. Including access to our Herbal Sauna, Crystal Steam Room and Hydro Pool.

The Spring: The water element

The wet spa at our Cotswolds Wellness Spa harnesses the tranquillity of the water element in state-of-the-art facilities. The origin of ‘the spa’ as we know it has been traced back to Ancient Greece with bathing sites identified in Knossos however, it is thought that the practice of bathing extends back even further than that.