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A Pocket Guide to Panic

With healer Ruth Anne Adams

Our minds have an inextricable connection to our body and in many cases our minds have power over our physical body, manifesting itself in our life and the connection to universal energy around us. According to healer Ruth Anne Adams, it is in the noticing of how we are feeling that we have the power to change it.

At a time when many of us have experienced an increasing feeling of panic – whether it has been low level panic or more intense attacks, there are ways that we can bring balance to the mind and body to help dissolve feelings of anxiety, stress, negative thought patterns or beliefs to support our mental health and physical well-being.

Meet Ruth Anne Adams

Ruth Adams is a clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Psycho-Sensory Therapist who specialises in bringing balance to the mind, endocrine system and body. Ruth has worked on Harley Street and across Europe for over 8 years, as well as opening a new Cotswolds practice to help people release negative and detrimental thoughts, fears and beliefs to regain balance and control over their mind and body. Her work is completely natural for a totally holistic approach which delivers wonderful and effective results.

Meet Ruth

'We all deserve to have a mind which works for us, not against us.'

What is panic?

There are three stages of Panic and understanding these will better prepare the mind and body to combat them. The first stage - the build-up of panic is caused over time by a hormonal imbalance of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) and calming hormones (Oxytocine, Serotonin and Dopamine) in the body. This imbalance could build-up over weeks, months and sometimes years before the feeling of panic actually arises in the body. The second stage occurs when panic is triggered, at which point this build-up might manifest itself in a panic attack or a heightened state of anxiety.

The final stage is the full flow – this is when we need to trick our body into standing down from the high alert state and bring it back to a calmer frame of mind.

Here, Ruth shares three ways we can work with the power of our minds to overcome feelings of panic and anxiety in the body. These techniques were demonstrated on our Instagram channel as part of our Bamford Live series. You can watch Ruth’s Live demonstration in our IGTV video.

3 ways to help dissolve feelings of anxiety, worry and panic - naturally and effectively.

Words: Ruth Anne Adams

Exercise 1: LIMA

This practice was developed by a great therapist called Nick Davies. First, we need to tell your brain to respond differently to panic – so, you are going to tell your body what to do. You can do this standing up or sitting down.

Step 1: Flop the arms down, flop the legs, fall on the bed and go completely Limp. This is a powerful, physical message to the Hypothalamus to change its response. You’re not fighting, running or freezing – you’re shutting down.

Step 2: The I is for Inhale. We need to bring the breath back under control. Inhale through the nose and count to 4 – breathing in 1,2,3,4 and breathing out 4,3,2,1. Repeat this as many times as you need to.

Step 3: M is for meditation. Find a spot or something still directly in front of your eyeline which you can focus on completely. Continue breathing for counts of 4 while you do this and stare at the point until your peripheral vision begins to blur. Then close your eyes and continue your breathing.

Step 4: Lastly, A is for Affirmation. Repeat now in your mind the commands it needs to hear: I am safe, I am calm, I am in control. Whatever the words are that you need to hear in that moment, just say them in your mind or out loud until you feel the panic pass.

Exercise 2: Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

The Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It's also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure – I have always called this sequence ‘The Happy Chops’! This technique can be used as soon as you start to feel the rise of panic within you. In my Bamford Live session, I demonstrate how to tap on particulate points on the face and body to create a balance in your energy system and the fight, flight and freeze response.

You can watch the demonstration of the technique in our IGTV video.

Exercise 3: Connect and Release

Finally, the last practice we are going to do uses hypnotherapy and emotional energy clearing techniques to dissolve some of the fear, anxiety and those emotional rocks you might be carrying. This technique is to be used when you’re noticing your anxiety has increased and is for prevention of panic. The technique we use in the Bamford Live session is a Self-Hypnosis and Eyes Open Hypnosis which is similar to day dreaming, and relaxes the body and mind almost immediately.

Follow along with the technique in our IGTV video.

Once you have completed your practice, I suggest giving yourself a nice energy massage. To do this, just put your fingers to where your third eye is and pull them gently across the forehead. Now do the same across the crown and scalp, working down the head and neck and finally across the shoulders.

You can learn more about Ruth’s practice and book a 1-1 appointment with her at our Bamford Wellness Spas. Learn more