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The stories behind our Autumn-Winter collection

Being sustainable is not a choice; it is a way of life.

At Bamford, our ethos has always been to tread lightly upon the earth. We honour that philosophy throughout our entire supply chain, from the production techniques to the fibres we choose. This autumn–winter, we’re taking our passion for sustainability further. Our elegant edit of consciously crafted womenswear not only celebrates nature; it supports it.

This autumn, we’re proud to launch our innovative wool denim – an initiative that not only celebrates the beauty and soft texture of wool on the skin, but challenges awareness of the sustainability of common fabrics. The environmental impact of producing denim from wool is far lower than the standard cotton. It can take up to 20,000 litres of water to produce a single kilogram of conventional cotton, and requires the widespread use of pesticides. In contrast, wool denim is consciously crafted: there is no call for irrigation and no harm caused to waterways or soil fertility through chemical pollutants.

Eliminating waste is another matter close to our hearts. Across the textile industry, over-production of garments accounts for 25% of all clothing made, and on average items are thrown away after seven wears. The impact of disposing of these garments – they will most likely end up in landfill – has a highly-detrimental impact on our environment. At Bamford we produce a limited number of items each season and design our collections with longevity in mind.

We pride ourselves on working with suppliers who share our values for sustainability – like our supplier of Irish tweed in Donegal, which uses hydro wind as a renewable energy source to provide electricity. Traditional methods of textile manufacture, such as hand-spinning and hand-weaving, call for much lower energy consumption than their machine-made counterparts. So not only do they result in more beautiful pieces, they’re kinder to our environment too. Each season, inside every hero Bamford piece, we sew a tiny, handmade porcelain heart into a pocket. It’s just a small reminder of the beauty of ‘slow fashion’ - and the longevity of sustainably-produced clothing.