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Three ways to do wellness

Advice from Bamford practitioners

This month at Bamford, we are reflecting on what it means to enjoy a balanced life. We achieve this sense of balance when we can find a way to authentically integrate wellness practices and rituals into our routines. Whatever stage in your personal wellness journey you find yourself in right now, our expert practitioners are on hand to share their pearls of wellness wisdom to enjoy a balanced life this January. Read on to hear what they have to say.

'Bodies were undeniably designed to move, how is it you want to move yours?'

Jasmine St Cliere, yoga teacher at Brompton Cross Wellness Spa

‘After years spent in rigorous dance training, I had become more machine than human and over the years have learnt to treat my body with a kinder and cyclical approach: honouring that some days I will have the energy to join an athletic vinyasa practice, whereas others I am drawn to yin yoga and take a restorative approach. Movement is less about exercise to me now and everything about embodiment; this showed me just how therapeutic and healing it can be.'


  • Move in a way that feels empowering, personally for you and your body.

  • Experiment with varying the movement styles you practise - with everything: the type of movement, intensity of movement and environment in which you move. Getting outside, for example, even if for a short walk is a simple yet effective way to elevate your mood.

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable, yet supportive. My current favourites being the Bamford Cropped Jogger and Strappy Cropped Top.

  • Work with a practitioner you like and trust who can guide you to feel confident in your movement.

'At our beautiful studio at Brompton Cross, we cater for different levels and intensities of practice, meaning there is something for everyone at any stage in their journey.' Book a class with Jasmine at the Bamford Wellness Spa, Brompton Cross.


'My morning and evening personal care routines are the perfect moment in the day to dedicate to my well-being.'

Agata Wojcik, Bamford Wellness Trainer and skincare expert

‘When it comes to finding small ways to make myself feel good in January, I find that my morning and evening personal care routines are the perfect moment in the day to dedicate to my well-being. Working these simple things into my daily rituals means I can find a sense of stability and balance even during turbulent times...'

'Combining the scents and ingredients of the B Vibrant and B Strong ranges is the perfect wakeup call: a shower with the B Vibrant Shower Cream with rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus to boost circulation, followed by the B Strong Arnica Balm to soothe achy shoulders, neck, calves or any other muscle group.’

Dry skin brushing with a body brush and an aromatic body oil feels amazing on the skin, especially after a workout, because it stimulates the lymphatic system which deals with water retention. My favourite is the Bamford Rosemary Body Oil because the scent also provides a lift. Pay attention to your joints when brushing: massage your elbows, knees and hips in firm, slow circles, taking a few minutes to stroke your hands to ensure all of the product goes to good use.'

Kristina Meyers, holistic health practitioner and yoga teacher at Brompton Cross Wellness Spa

'For me, January is all about rest and renewal. I do my best to live in flow with the seasons, and take my cues from nature: winter is the season of rest, and so I choose to embody more yin energy, to slow down and to reflect. Rest is not passive - there is still work and healing happening.'

During this season, I often find myself reaching for these five magical items:

  • My yoga mat - even if it's just for a five minute Shivasana (corpse pose) in the morning.

  • Crystals to help soothe some of my anxieties as well as a haute fidget toy.

  • Bamford's Plumping Moisturiser - the most hydrying and plumping moisturiser that saves my sensitive California skin, which is not used to this cold weather and becomes painfully dry in the winter.

  • A good book for a mindful pastime – both fiction and non-fiction, I never leave the house without one or the other.

  • And puppy cuddles! Winter blues are real, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is legit, and puppy cuddles can fix almost anything!

Book an Advanced Vinyasa Flow or Yin/Yang Yoga class with Kristina at the Brompton Cross Wellness Spa.


How do you do wellness? Tell us!

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to live well and ideas for living a balanced life all year around. Share your January wellness activities or routines with us on Instagram by tagging @bamford and using #bamfordwellness.