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Khadi is a hand-spun, hand-woven cloth that is native to India, a cloth steeped in history and significance. To have a ‘Khadi spirit’ is to have limitless patience, as the spinners and weavers of khadi have to work so patiently at their trade. It also means to have a sympathy and feeling of fellowship with every human being on earth. It means renouncing anything that might harm our fellow beings.

India is extremely proud of its skill and heritage in this craft and of keeping it alive, and in turn it’s a fabric we’re also extremely proud to work with in order to help sustain its tradition. The neatness and precision in the hand work is a true labour of love. The patience of the spinners and weavers is extraordinary – fabrics can take months to weave.

Khadi is usually made from cotton fibre, though you can also find Khadi silks and woolen Khadi. The cotton is lightweight and precious but also very durable – it is machine-washable, and is prized throughout India for its ability to keep you cool during the hot summer, yet warm in the winter.