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Spring — Summer Collection

Spring-Summer Collection

Our spring collection showcases versatile shapes which move seamlessly between home, holiday and travel. Function and form are central to our designs, which embrace modernity through cut and colour.

At the heart of each collection are the yarns and fabrics we work with. Made from natural fibres, these continue to provide a soft palette this summer season. The colours that nature intended allow us to create our signature palette of neutral tones with which we connect effortlessly to the world around us.

For this collection we have drawn inspiration from the rich reds of ripe summer fruits, which offer gentle accents of colour, and have contrasted them with deep inky charcoal hues that envelop and comfort our sun-kissed skin under the night skies.

Organic Cotton

The production of conventional cotton represents 12 per cent of the world’s agriculture, and is the largest pollutant in the fashion industry.

As the cherry blossom awakens and the early spring sunshine warms its delicate fragrance, we look forward to lighter days and the outdoor life; to a peaceful, gentle awareness of the stirrings of nature.

Cherry Blossom