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Haybarn Heal Series

Haybarn Brompton Cross has launched its weekend wellness workshops.

On Saturday afternoons, a visiting expert will offer a 2-hour session inviting you to learn about or deepen your understanding of a healing therapy.

Workshops will focus on a range of techniques but also concerns, from how sophrology, a unique blend of eastern practices and western science, can relax your body and empower your mind; to how crystals could heal or release the blockages preventing you achieving your goals; to how to improve your gut health through your nutrition. Each practitioner has been handpicked for their specialist knowledge and expertise in their field.

The workshops are a chance to explore and discover practices that could make a difference to your everyday; to experience different therapies and assess what might bring you calm, restful sleep, physical or mental support, or to take the opportunity to heal an area of concern in your body or your life.

23rd February

Sophrology with Dominique Antiglio.

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9th March

Sound bath session and cacao ceremony with Lani Rocillo.

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7th March

How to get beautiful skin with Wendy Rowe.

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16th March

The unexpected: preparing for it, understanding it, being in charge with Shelley Von Strunkel.

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23rd March

Gong Bath with Leo Cosendai.

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11th May

Meditation, mantras and mala-making.

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Bathe your brain with sound

We turn to music to express ourselves, to soothe, comfort and distract our minds, and we play it in celebration. music is therapy – metaphorically, and as many of us our now learning, physically.

For centuries humans have been harnessing the power of sound to heal and restore balance to their bodies but recently this form of therapy has found a wider audience. many of us are now turning to the calming nature of sound waves to combat stress and disconnect from the frenetic pace of our lives.

Like the role the breath plays in meditation, in a sound healing session (a sound bath), the sound is the vehicle to relaxation, enabling us to slow and focus our minds and truly switch off.

You will sit or lie down and be submerged in the sounds of the gong and crystal bowls. the sounds are heard but they also felt through the body, with frequencies targeting different concerns. the notes and vibrations lull you into a meditative state but it is a state of relaxation our brains only tend to achieve when we daydream or sleep deeply, a state known to aid creativity and ease stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

An immersive, sensory and grounding experience and a chance to take time out, join us at our haybarn in london or the cotswolds to experience a class and discover the transformative effects of sound healing for yourself.

"By using rhythm and frequency we can entrain our brain waves until it becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (waking state) to alpha state (relaxed consciousness) and even reach theta state (meditative state) and delta state (sleep state)."