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Disconnect from the

stress of urban living

As the festivities fade, the return to reality takes hold and the challenges and goals we may have set for the new year kick in.

The beginning of the year is a good time to check in with our physical and mental well-being. A time to reassess and consider whether we’re taking care of our bodies and minds in a way that keeps us well and allows us to take on the challenges and enjoy the year ahead.

Our Bamford Wellness Spa, Brompton Cross is a calming, nurturing space: a place for busy londoners to disconnect from the freneticism of urban life and focus on healing the body and mind in a way that is right for them.

Rather than the rigorous, physically-demanding pace of a high intensity cardio class, at bamford we take a nurturing approach to movement. In our skylit studio, we offer a range of classes designed to move the body in a gentler, holistic way. We place strong emphasis on the mind and also offer guided meditation and sound baths designed to give you the tools to create space within your brain to tackle stress or quiet an overactive mind.

"Yoga postures work with the spine, making it supple and healthy, promoting maximum blood circulation to organs, glands and tissues. Through the gentle pressure of the yoga postures the endocrine glands are toned, which benefits you both physically and psychologically. Yoga gives you a healthy body, harmonious mind and enriched emotions."

Hatha yoga

Develop flexibility, strength and vitality with this slow-flowing practice. controlled breathing helps to eliminate toxins and purify the body.

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Yang and yin yoga

Mindful yang movement cleanses stress from your day, then the gentle yin postures and meditation soothe and harmonise.

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Meditative flow yoga

Slow-flowing movement and breath work to optimise physical and emotional well-being.

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Vinyasa yoga

An athletic style of flow yoga involving continuous movement, designed to get the blood flowing and heart pumping.

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Sound bath & meditation

You will be guided through pranayama and meditation before you lie down and submerge yourself in the healing sounds of the gong and crystal bowls. A sound bath can help release stress, anxiety, trauma and sleep issues.

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