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Autumn Edit: consciously created

At Bamford, our ethos has always been to tread lightly upon the earth – from our production techniques, to our farming methods, to the fibres that we use. And this Autumn, we’re taking our passion for sustainability further. Our elegant edit of consciously-created womenswear not only celebrates the uniqueness of our natural world - but it also supports it.

Seasonal yet timeless, each of our beautifully-constructed garments has its own story. They capture the beauty of nature through their breezy silhouettes. But it goes further than that. At the heart of these pieces are nature’s own fibres – from the softest alpaca to our ecologically-friendly wool. Sensitively worked, these fibres result in superior-quality fabrics: prized for their comfort, their durability and for their minimal environmental imprint.


Wool (and its sister fibre, shearling) is something that we consider to be rather magical. Not only is it biodegradable - so it leaves no trace upon the earth when it breaks down – it is also regenerative. This is because wool is sourced from sheep, which graze on pastures that rely on natural rainfall - so their impact upon farmland is minimal.

Unlike conventional cotton, which requires 8,000 litres of water to enrich the soil, wool is produced without irrigation or pesticides. Warm in the winter, yet cool in the summer, wool is also incredibly versatile – which is why it appears in our collections all year around.


Another fibre that you’ll spot in the collection is cashmere, spun using the finest quality fibres from goats in Outer Mongolia and China. Cashmere is highly sought after, not just because of its supreme softness, but due to its limited production. For example, it takes four goats to produce enough fibres to create one cashmere sweater – whereas a single sheep can produce enough fibres to make five wool jumpers!

Bringing these natural textiles to life is made easier through our relationships with some exceptional suppliers and craftsmen. We are proud of our work with protected alpaca farms in Outer Mongolia and China, which help to minimise the effect of deforestation and protect the natural world. And in India, we work with artisans in rural areas to keep traditional textiles alive: such as Cotton Khadi, which is hand-spun and hand-woven; a true labour of love.

These stories of sustainability bring our Autumn / Winter collection to life. Sharing them is our way of giving back to the world that we live in – and ensuring that we tread lightly upon it for much longer.

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