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Cashmere is at the heart of each of our collections. Sourced from the world’s best suppliers whom we have built close, long standing relationships with, only the highest quality of fibre is selected to be used for our yarns. The mills are committed to sustainability as a company value ensuring the upmost respect for the environment, the animals and the people they come into contact with.

Organic Cotton

All of the cotton in our Haybarn Collection is organic, we are working towards all of the collection being certified by GOTS by 2020. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the most respected and trusted certification for the farming and manufacturing process of garments. GOTS stipulates that producers througout the supply chain meet requirements for ecology and labour conditions and must use organically - produced raw materials without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers.


Bamford love wool and its renewable properties. Due to its naturally high percentage of nitrogen, wool will biodegrade within one year, and enrich the soil it is planted in and nourishing new life. Wool is also a resilient, high quality fibre and will last for years whilst maintaining its appearance adding value to the product and its lifespan. It is breathable and comfortable to wear in both hot climates and cold climates.

Irish Tweed

Handwoven Donegal tweed, made from the finest wool, is woven in weaver’s homes before being washed in the peaty waters of the River Eske, which flows beside the mill. We love how its muted shades and nuances reflect the every-changing palette of nature.


We love the look, texture and versatility of wool. Not only is it an extremely resilient fibre for clothing, it is also naturally biodegradable going back to the earth within a single year, enriching the soil and minimising waste.


One of the oldest textiles in the world, made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen is an exceptionally breathable fabric, which has been valued for it’s cool freshness and unique qualities for centuries. Every year the growing of Flax (linen) in Europe captures 250,000 tonnes of CO2. The flax plant has a short growing cycle to reach its full height with only 100 days for it to grow 4 feet. It requires few pesticides and fertilisers due to its height and is a more environmentally friendly option when compared with standard non-organic cotton.


It is incredibly light, much lighter than wool, so it provides warmth without heavy weight. It is also hypoallergenic, a soft fibre to be worn close to your skin. The wide range of 22 natural alpaca colours (not found among any other natural fibres) encourages less dying, which in turn results in less risk of toxic chemicals being spread into water sources.

Shearling Lambskin

Our outerwear pieces are crafted from supremely soft and lightweight lambskin. A natural insulator, lambskin is fine and supple with a short, dense curl which ages beautifully over time. We work with a family owned workshop in Italy to develop this beautiful material into wraps, coats and gilets.